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Wanna Bet

Founders of our company

Jim Bob Morris

Carson Coffman

A social network that represents our passion for sports

We’re all about community and that special bond that sports create among people. Picture those countless fans coming together, rocking the same team colors, jumping, clapping, and rallying behind their squad. You might not know them individually, but there’s an unbreakable connection. This very sensation is what fuels us. It makes us feel alive!

The platform that transforms a sports bet into a social experience

It’s about more than just winning here. Wanna takes us beyond mere competition. We love to chat, make fun, tell stories and challenge friends with crazy bets. Who doesn’t? This inspired us to create a sports betting app that is also a social network, where everything we already do at the bar table is transported to our cell phones.

Person playing football
Person playing football

How did it start?

Wanna grew out of the friendship between two football players: Jim Bob Morris and Carson Coffman. With their hearts deeply embedded in the sport, they shared a dream of bringing the intense emotions and on-field experiences to people following the games from the comfort of their homes, all while enjoying the company of the guys. There is tremendous value in experiencing these moments together, which is why we decided to create Wanna.

Person playing football Person playing football

What we believe in

We want to revolutionize sports betting by creating fun and exciting social experiences that connect and empower people. We’re rallying everyone into a close-knit community, dedicated to those who wholeheartedly adore and breathe the sport.